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John Tobler InterviewedIn the press:

John Tobler reflects: interviewing Bob Marley and a life in music journalism

"In 1977, the only people at Radio One who weren't nervous about involvement with punk/New Wave were John Peel and myself."

RGF boss John Tobler was interviewed recently by Roger Crow for The Huffington Post, discussing his interviews with the late, great BOB MARLEY in the late 1970s. He's also interviewed by Ian Ravendale in Vinyl Guru, in which he looks back at his life as a music writer.

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North East All StarsNew release:

North East All Stars - Save the City Hall

As you might have seen reported in the press recently, the future of the iconic Newcastle City Hall is under threat following a review of funding by Newcastle City Council.

A collective of concerned musicians, including ex-Lindisfarne's Ray Jackson, and Roxy Music drummer Paul Thompson, have recorded a new song written by Steve Daggett. 'Save the City Hall' is available now in CD format and digital download from iTunes. All profits after expenses will be donated to charitable causes such as the bid to Save The City Hall and/or local charities. Listen to 'Save the City Hall'.

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Steve Gibbons band - There & NowNew Release:

Steve Gibbons Band - There & Now (Volume One)

The first double CD retrospective of the career of the great Steve Gibbons, featuring 42 tracks by several line-ups of The Steve Gibbons Band.

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Dave Burland - Rollin'New Release:

Dave Burland - Rollin'

It will be seen from the track list that Dave has impeccable taste in his selection of songs to cover...

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John Tobler interviews the Sex Pistols - Part 1John Tobler interviews the Sex Pistols - Part 2John Tobler Interviews...

Sex Pistols - Archive John Tobler interview

From the archives - John Tobler interviewing the Sex Pistols on November 11th 1977, broadcast on BBC Radio One the following day. Listen now!

The Amazing Zigzag ConcertNew Release:

The Amazing Zigzag Concert - Available now!

LIMITED EDITION - 2000 copies only!

A set of 5 CDs, recorded live at Zigzag magazine’s fifth anniversary concert, held at The Roundhouse on Sunday afternoon and evening, 28 April 1974, complete with a 32 page booklet celebrating the occasion.

In 1974, Zigzag, the UK’s first monthly rock magazine – much imitated but never surpassed – became five years old, and to celebrate this auspicious landmark the magazine’s founders Pete Frame and John Tobler organised a concert at London’s Roundhouse. And not just any old concert.

This momentous occasion, indelibly engraved in the memories of all who attended, featured a choice sample of Zigzag’s favourite bands and artists: STARRY EYED & LAUGHING, CHILLI WILLI & THE RED HOT PEPPERS, HELP YOURSELF, JOHN STEWART with ARNIE MOORE and, topping the bill, MICHAEL NESMITH with RED RHODES.

Not surprisingly it was a day of peerless music, which, thankfully, was all faithfully recorded. Stored away and largely forgotten for nigh on thirty-six years, those dusty and flaking tapes have now been unearthed and their sound quality transformed by a process akin to alchemy into nuggets of audio and artistic perfection.

Zigzag magazine may no longer exist in the physical sense but, in the hearts and minds of anyone who is entranced and transported by this music, its spirit lives on... and, although equally dusty and increasingly flaky, we, the grateful guardians of that inextinguishable flame, are extremely chuffed to be able, at long last, to make these historic recordings available in a manner that befits their status.

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Bill StewartNew Release:

Bill Stewart: On Top Of the World

Something special...

A cross between Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton, Bill Stewart is a master country blues guitarist and a thought-provoking singer/songwriter.

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